Privacy Policy
The privacy of user data is our responsibility. Hereby, we take all the required measures to safeguard it. Here’s a brief explanation of how we collect and use data.
Information collected:
The registration and usage of the application requires a specific database. We require data including the Full Name, Mobile Number, email ID and Flat Number of the society where the client stays. Whereas, the other information is optional as per the usage of the application.
How is the information used?
The information provided by you is used for the following purposes:
– for providing specific service to you chosen for your apartment
– for constant improvisations required to run the application
– for communicating information of product and service used by the client.
Our company strictly follows certain rules which make us not to share any personal information of the client with any other company.
Policy on Information disclosure:
We don’t do the business of sharing or trading personal information of any of our clients. No third party gets access to the customer’s information. However, this policy doesn’t enclose those third parties which work with us on our website operations, business conduct or client servicing. We make sure to  have them agree to keep the data confidential.
If there are situations like requirement of law, protection of company’s rights or safety,we might share the data. Non personal information is shared with other parties for the purpose of marketing , research or advertising.
Data retention policy:
The data of clients could be retained for 3 years after they stop using our services for legal or auditing purposes. Personal data is never shared with third parties without client’s exclusive permission.
Changes to the privacy policy:
Day to day changes are communicated well through our website or personal message and email.