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The Most Advanced Apartment Management Solution

In this era of easy communication and connectivity, we aspire to have everything which requires less human intervention.Keeping the same in mind, A3Gate team came up with this application looking into security system. A dedicated security application which allows quick responses, record maintenance, digital files, is no more a myth!

Bringing about a change in traditional ways of keeping visitors’ register , A3Gate has much more to it.With features like having the records of helping staff on a mobile platform, we aim at making everything possible in terms of safety management.The virtual profiles of maids, Cooks, are included in the whole system, where one click ensures every detail of the required person.It does sound great to have such an escalated version of security check in the society.

Our mission is to transform the security management system altogether, making everything manageable and easy to be tracked by a single click!


We have secured lots of properties near you with A3Gate app, we are on a mission to provide a safe & secured environment across your societies. 

A tool for all the security related problems! Just a click ensures the overall apartment safety management.

digital intercom
Easiest way to stay connected to the community for queries is Digital Intercom. Its features tend to make people fond of it.
Visitor management
Without the requirement of register entries, visitors' list is managed well through the application. It stays in virtual records forever!
Service staff management
The application manages information about the helping staff working in the society! It makes the task of choosing the maid/driver etc a lot more easier by having pre researched data.
Delivery and other services management
By having digital records of people entering the premises, it's easier to track the authenticity of delivery boys and other servicemen.
WHY A3Gate

We look for easiest ways n whims to do every task! How does it sound to own a surveillance system with no tricky installation process and messy hardware? A3Gate offers the tool to look after everything related to security conveniently.

Most Effective System
The application ensures super easy to-and-fro communication and overall data processing.
Easy to use Smart App
Just a click resolves everything! With relatable icons and user guides, no one would end up wondering the 'what-nows'
Time Efficient
Security system has never been this time saving! The application functions within seconds to do the needful.
Spending huge amount will no longer be the criteria to keep your abode safe!
Let’s Get started with A3Gate
Here’s a facile security system with absolutely no requirement of hefty installation or hardware setup!
A span of 10 days and less is all we want to get your community on board with us!
Signing the contract

After the official approval of client, we get the paperwork done within no time. The contract has to be signed by both the parties to move to the step of configuration.

Creating the profile and training

Virtual profiles of the helping staff ,namely, maids, cooks, chauffeurs , are created by our professionals.
Training process involves the full information dissemination to the society’s management team, including guards. Our team takes full responsibility of meeting every requirement related to training in future ( if required) as well!


Our diligent team members maintain a regular follow up with the client. Dedicated product manager is assigned to co-ordinate with the society’s management team, guards, residents and solve all the issues related to the security system.

A3 gate is winning hearts, know how? 
testimonial-team (Demo)
Mrs. Lakshmi Ganesh
Resident of MM Properties, Chennai

Earlier, we used to be so careful before hiring help at home. With this system, it’s easy to choose maids easily, avoiding the blacklisted ones. It saves our time to look at the history and maintaining the profile of helping staff, as it’s all managed by the application. A3 gate has really put our life at ease.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Mr. Suresh Khowala
Association President: Sumukha Properties, Chennai

This type of security system is what we have always been looking for! Updating the expected guest’s information on the application and sending it across to the security system of the building has helped so much in avoiding queue at the main gate. It saves so much time and energy. Maintaining chaotic registers and recognising handwritings is no more a task since everything is updated on the app. It’s so simple to use!

Mr. Ashish Thomas
Resident of PB Heaven, Bangalore

Security systems have never been such user friendly. A3 gate is very easy to use. It saves so much of paperwork and is faster In comparison to the traditional record maintaining system.

Mr. Anirban Poddar
Joint Treasurer, AWHO, Bangalore

I have always been concerned about the typical nature of security systems, their installation charges, the time taken, and much more! After resorting to A3Gate, I believe that security could also be managed steadily by a mobile application. A3Gate is really a smart app.

Our Core Minds
Meet the minds behind A3Gate concept. Our leadership team shares a passion for Innovation, Technology and building powerful solutions.
Asif Mirza
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Chakradhar Tarivitla
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
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Anchal Srivastava
Customer Relationship Manager
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Shipra Mattoo
Business Development Manager
Yash Bhatnagar
Branding Head
Full Stack Developer
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Sarthak Srivastava
Android developer
Head - Content Writing
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